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Solo exhibition at Guadalajara, Mexico_

Solo Exhibition, August 2022. Guadalajara, Mexico.



"Mujeres en el arte" Exposición Colectiva, CENART, CDMX. March 8 - April 9 2023.


 Collective Exhibition, Claustro de Sor Juana, CDMX, México. November 2022.

Collection Presentation at Expo Guadalajara , 17- 19 Aug 2022 Guadalajara, México.  

Solo Exhibition at Open Mind Event, 1 - 27 Oct 2022 Guadalajara, México. ​

About the Collection

Escudo, 2021, óleo sobre tela, 180x130cms..jpg

I am on a never-ending journey to find new ways to express myself, my feelings and emotions.

I am glad and excited to share a preview of my current collection, images of life and creativity.

The inspiration of this collection, is to reflect the symbiosis of human beings and nature, how we adapt, transform and evolve as part of nature. In many ways we develop invisible wings, shells, feathers to use them as best as we can, my idea is to make the invisible, visible for us to see how strong and beautiful human beings are and how much we depend and need to value nature, life and Gods blessings.

I love to give  the observer the opportunity to discover the hidden messages, small details and hints to find within, the emotions that appear when encountering each art piece. 



 Mexican artist and designer.
Since I was a child I developed a profound interest and passion for art.

I had the opportunity to enter and experiment in design and carpentry workshops, weaving of natural fibers and sewing from an early age.
My career as furniture designer and project director has developed my sensibility and creativity, it has given me experience and formed my character as a visual and multidiciplianry artist. 

 My inspiration comes mainly from nature, both human and earthly, such as the sea and the wind, the emotions and feelings that they provoke in us.
Strength, love, the light of being and feeling as a woman is also present in my work.
I feel inspired to get involved in support and motivation programs for women and mothers as I believe that it is our responsibility as women to support each other.

If my art, design or creation inspires at least one person and motivates others, it inspires me and makes me feel satisfied and happy.

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